Part Two: Project Four: Exercise One: Quick Sketches Around the House

For this exercise, I looked at different areas of my home in several rooms; the living room, dining room, kitchen and my bedroom. My home is very minimalistic and so I do not have anything in the way of ornaments etc. As a result, I presumed my work would be rather boring and with little content.

To begin with, I sat myself in the middle of my living room floor and looked up into the corners of my rooms, however, there was not much interesting detail in several of these, so I simply chose to pick out parts which interested me and work on a close-up scale, sometimes closer than others, depending on the subject matter chosen. I also tried to alternate between landscape and portrait. I had divided my sketchbook pages into four triangles for each room and filled each with the subject matter I found most appealing.

Because this was an exercise to work quickly and not to be too concerned with fine lines and details, I decided to use willow charcoal, which I was also able to blend somewhat to create depth and shadows briefly.


I was rather pleased with the end results of this exercise and was surprised as to how much I actually enjoyed myself whilst doing it. However, I was rather disheartened by how easily the charcoal would smudge as I used it. Looking back, I think I may have done better having used a Chinese brush pen and ink to create these sketches, however, the blending did come in handy sometimes when I needed to quickly smudge out any errors. I think my favourite room sketchings has to be the kitchen as there is plenty to see and draw, yet without too much fine detail, which is something I tried to avoid when creating these quick sketches. I will definitely try to use this exercise going forward as it really did help me to see things I did not even imagine were visible and taught me some lessons about the home I thought I knew so well and now feel I have never really taken the time to look at fully.

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