Part Two: Intimacy – Preliminary Work

Before I began this part of the course (and before I received my tutor’s feedback), I decided to play with all of the media discussed in the course textbook by creating the same pieces in each media; one half of the page using a vibrant palette, the other using a muted palette, to see how the differing media worked and which ones suited which palette best.

Materials and Tools

Coloured Pencil

Vibrant and Muted Palettes in Pencil Crayon

Watercolour Pencils

Vibrant and Muted Palettes in Watercolour Pencils

Wax Crayons

Vibrant and Muted Palettes in Wax Crayons

Soft Pastels

Oil Pastels

Vibrant and Muted Palettes in Oil Pastel

Coloured Inks




I think several media have worked better than others for both palettes. For the vibrant palette, I think the wax crayons, soft pastels, oil pastels and markers were all the best successful. The coloured inks were also successful, but were slightly less intense in their colours, which I was rather surprised at. For the muted palette, the coloured pencils, watercolour pencils and wax crayons worked best by far. Their colours were calm and gentle as opposed to bright and intense. Some other media worked rather well for this palette too, but were still rather bold in colour; the soft pastels and oil pastels. I believe this is due to their ability for blending and softening of the lines they were formed with. The markers and coloured inks were far too intense and bold to be viewed as muted. I will consider this as I move forward through this part of my course and try and use the best colours and media to suit the mood of the palette before me.

NB: Citation for the images used in my sketchbook can be found by clicking here.

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