Part Two: Project Two: Exercise One: Detail and Tone

To begin this exercise, I decided to look closely at a bunch of flowers and use several different media to interpret the differing tonal ranges within them in my sketchbook. I decided not to be too precious about the marks I made, but to just try and recreate the flowers roughly as I wanted to investigate them more than draw them.

Observation of bunch of flowers in different mediums

Whilst I was aware I was meant to be focusing on natural objects, I was drawn to the different areas of tone and differing areas of shadows overlapping each other due to several different lighting angles and also the marbling detail to the object.

I created the piece very gradually and stayed rather delicate throughout, allowing patience and delicacy where I wouldn’t normally. After my tutor’s comments regarding my issues with perspective, I realised I needed to work on it somewhat. Whilst I do not think I have recreated the perspective completely accurately here, I am rather pleased with the overall shape as I do think there is a good depth to the shape. I began by putting in the darkest areas of tone with a 4B pencil (behind the object in the divide between the wall and shelf and also at the base of the object) and then gradually got lighter and lighter, moving my way gradually through the grades of pencils until I finally filled in the lightest areas of tone (the front top left of the holder and the shelf it is sitting on. I then used the putty rubber to work in some finer, lightest details to the object and the surface it sat on.


I am glad I began the exercise by being experimental in my sketchbook. I think doing so allowed me to get the initial burst of energy out of my system, leaving me somewhat contented and able to relax into a more delicate piece.

I really enjoyed working from darkest to lightest and found it really did help to screw my eyes up to see the darkest areas. I found it quite foreign to begin with the darkest areas at first, but then began to rather enjoy it. As I said above, I think my perspective may have been off slightly, but overall I think I have improved slightly in this area. I also feel this will increase as the course progresses, but hopefully it is a step in the right direction. Having taken a step back since finishing the piece, I think I have overused the rubber somewhat too. I considered going back and adding the detail back in, but decided to leave it be and put it down to being a learning curve for future reference.

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