Tutor Artist Recommendations from Part 4

Egon Schiele (1890 to 1918)

Loose and Fluid Marks Incorporating Colour

Own interpretation of Schiele’s work

Looking at the works created by this artist, I really liked the delicate nature of the lines used to create the figures. The subtle incorporation of the colours is also really interesting. I like the very delicate nature, but wonder whether I would be able to replicate these. I will, however, attempt to create the figures using one a few lines and marks as opposed to my ‘choppy’ nature shown so far.

Alberto Giocometti (1901 to 1966)

Relating to Line Work

Giacometti Drawing (2016)
Own interpretations of Giacometti’s work

This is an artist seems to have popped up quite regularly within my journey! I am very drawn to Giacometti’s work and feel it very, very closely connected to my own style. Watching the video, I can see how he moves very delicately over the page and scales out the proportions faintly before adding in the heavier detail, rendering the fainter proportions almost invisible in the background. I definitely need to attempt to use this delicate hand more in my own work – perhaps even trying a similar pen to that used by Giacometti in the video?

Having attempted to recreate his work in both pen and charcoal, it is very apparent to me that his delicate hand cannot be achieved with charcoal, however both are effective in applying a base layer to assist with creating the proportions, however, the charcoal is not so good at creating layers as the pen.

Marlene Dumas (1953 to Present)

Fluidity and Personality Coming Through in Figures

I absolutely love this artist’s work and am grateful to my tutor for introducing me to it. I love the delicate nature and the subtle tones and colours used. This is definitely something I want to attempt to replicate and to try and achieve that ‘barely there’ detail in one area and as I feel that will be a massive – if invisible! – achievement for me. Again, I can really see how fluid the lines (or lack thereof!) look and what my tutor is trying to get across to me, so I will really consider this in my final Part of the course.

Own interpretation of Dumas’s work

List of Illustrations

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